You enter the park via the large roundabout at the hotel’s reception, at the heart of the park. Here you can collect your keys, withdraw money, book trips
In the park’s lobby free Wi-Fi is available. The reception acts as a focal point for both the hotel and for the section private lodgings. You can park your car for free on the car park the barrier, or on the parking place at the left side when entering the park. If you prefer to park your car past the barriers right in front of our house, a special badge is required which can be obtained at the front desk. They charge 5 euro per day for this.

Our House however, is located already in the first block, near the reception and the water park so there’s no need for it.
The blocks of 4 to 5 semi-detached houses, consist of a combination of 3-bedroom bungalows, and two-bedroom bungalows.
The two-room bungalows are designed to accommodate 4 people comfortably, while the 3 room-bungalows, equipped with 2 bathrooms are ideal for 6 people.
Furthermore, every house, of course, has a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and terraces all around.
Despite the fact that the houses and all identical in terms of format and layout, there is still quite a bit of difference in comfort as a result of the location within the park, it’s accessibility and especially the views.

… and because of our bungalows’ location, near the reception, and higher up you can enjoy on all terraces an exceptionally beautiful panoramic sea view.
In the homes that we offer all modern comfort, is available, central air conditioning/heating in all rooms, a large plasma TV with satellite and decoder offering over 300 international chains, private Wi-Fi in the house, a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, heating, hairdryer, etc etc, …
Since most of our guests travel by plane, and additional luggage is often charged extra, we have ensured that the only thing you need to pack, is your clothing, a beach towel and your personal amenities.
If desired, you could also, against separate payment, take advantage of all other hotel services.
Especially traveling with baby’s might be a challenge. Cots, buggies, toys, sterilizers etc etc take ever-lots of space, and are therefore a large extra “burden”. However, there’s a much more convenient solution for that,… leave all your worries at home, and rent all you need via to a fraction of the price you would have to pay for extra luggage.
All the major tour operators offer the Imperial Park Resort, … the private lodgings, however, are not only more spacious than the hotel bungalows, … the price you pay bottom-line, is about a third of the price.